About us

Student Bursary is a service dedicated to bringing you the latest and most promising aspects of studying. Whether you are a home student or a foreign one, it makes little difference to us. In fact, there are quite a few scholarship currently on the market that will cater to both groups.

Student Bursary will make sure that you can make the most of your studies. Yes, it will not always be easy, but everyone likes a challenge, including us! We will strive to make sure that our database is the most complete offer you could possibly get.

There is a lot that goes to that, but we will not baulk at the idea of presenting you with the single-most complete database ever. Whatever you think you can’t find in terms of scholarships, well you can!

You will see that there is no difference between what a university has to offer and what we have put down on our pages.

Even better! We make sure to call and ask around if something in the scholarship terms is ambiguous. We will also make sure to thrash out any uncertainty with the hosting institution and sponsor.

That is why on the pages of Student Bursary you can always find reliable and much-needed information concerning your application process. We are proud to have been able to collate such big data and put it into single, readable offers.

You will be pleased to know that there is nothing willy-nilly about us. We work hard and we work long hours to ensure that you ge the best treatment possible. And that’s what’s important to us.

Get a scholarship today with Student Bursary and never give it another moment’s thought.